At Seaton Towson, residents are set to enjoy a host of amenities that enable them to lead a carefree lifestyle. Our community offers tasteful conveniences that add quality to the lives of our residents which they can enjoy with their newfound friends. We also strive to implement extensive safety and security measures that help keep the well-being of our residents at bay.

About Our Safety and Security Measures

Through careful safety and security measures, we are able to deliver specialized care and service to our residents to give them the freedom and independence they need. We understand that a percentage of senior residents requires assistance with their daily tasks which our professional senior living workers offer through careful expertise. We provide ready access to day-to-day care including the following:

  • Assisted bathing or showering
  • Assisted personal grooming
  • Continence management
  • Medication administration

Seaton Towson also delivers on-site amenities which help promote an improved quality of life of residents.

Benefits of Employing Safety and Security Measures in Our Senior Living Community

We incorporate some of the best safety and security measures to ensure our residents are always in the most capable hands. Through our knowledge and specialized training, residents can preserve independence while getting the care they need.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

There are several factors that seniors or family members can take note of when considering whether to move the senior into a senior assisted living community. The main sign to look out for is a worsening of medical conditions which can be indicated by overall increased frailty or an increasing number of falls. This shows that the senior can benefit from assisted living that has extensive safety and security measures implemented at various aspects of the community like emergency response systems, surveillance cameras, and more. If the senior has difficulty managing housekeeping and maintenance or is experiencing a sense of isolation or even depression, they are also set to benefit from specialized care offered at an assisted senior living community.

Why Choose Seaton Towson’s Senior Living Community?

Seaton Towson offers the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and attention which are the main features that can improve the lifestyle quality of our residents. Our amenities are offered in a gated community with on-site security to provide a deep sense of assurance to both our residents and their family. Our residents can expect to retire in optimum safety and security while enjoying specialized care that tends to their every need.

To learn more about Seaton Towson’s safety and security measures, contact us or call us at 410.417.9113 today.